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Car 1800A Power Booster Jumper Battery Cable Crocodile Alligator Clips Clamp
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Product Description:

  • If your car can't be started because of some problems of its storage battery, this battery booster cable can help you out!
  • Battery booster cable is a great to have in cars in case of emergencies.
  • Full set (one positive cable with 2 clamps and one negative cable with 2 clamps).
  • Color-coded and insulated clamp, effectively minimise the risk of accidental shorting.
  • With dual construction and extra strong-grip pure copper teeth for firmly connection.
  • 10ft (3m) flexible long cable for easy and convenient connect with two cars.
  • Material: PVC + Copper + Copper Coated Aluminium
  • Color: Black + Red
  • Current: 1800A
  • Length: 3meter/10ft
  • Quantity: 1 Set (one black cable + one red cable)

How To Connect:
First, the Red wire clamp "rescued the car" the Red positive battery.

  • the Red wire clamp "rescue vehicle" the Red positive battery.
  • the Black wire clamp "rescued the car" the Black negative battery.
  • Then the Black wire clamp in the "rescue vehicle" Black negative battery.
  • Start the "rescue vehicle" of the engine, and then start "rescued the car" of the engine. If you find rescued car still does not start, please check if the metal contact parts are bad.
  • When finished start the engine, still need to take in order to start removing the line of fire, or they may cause a short circuit.