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Zero Pressure Pillow Couple Embrace Arched Nap Pillow Slow Rebound Memory Cotton Arm Neck Protection Pillow
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Product Description:

  • Applicable number: Double Sided Use Pillow
  • Zero pressure pillow
  • Hollow design, No arm pressures to prevention of arm paralysis
  • The shape of the arch bridge allows couples to sleep with arms around them without hand numbness
  • Filler composition and content: 100% slow rebound material
  • Use memory cotton padding, slow rebound
  • Multifunctional pillow, can be a pillow for napping Back to back Arm pillows
  • Suitable for a variety of scenarios, driving rest pillow, seat pillow, sleep pillow, etc.
  • Pillow shape: U-shaped, arched
  • Can be stretched as a neck pillow, Stretching Relief Neck
  • Protect cervical vertebra and neck, make sleep more comfortable
  • Color: White