Winner 9-Step Aluminium Single Sided Step Ladder House Domestic Tangga Lipat
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Single-sided stepladder. Very light-weight, easy to carry. Suitable for children, women, and men.
Cheap, and affordable. No need spend extra cash for double-sided ladder.
Foldable. Takes up little space for storage.
Reach up to your required heights. 
Suitable for light, house, domestic use. Eg: Changing light bulbs, clean fan etc.
Reinforced feet for a steady climb. Engineered for reduced shake.
Ladder open height from: Ground to Top 2.2m or 7.2 feet.
Reach up to object as high as 3.8m or 12.5 feet.

Get a single sided step ladder for your daily house needs. This ladder is so easy light and easy to carry around the house. Any family in Malaysia should have a ladder for their own use. A ladder Malaysia is a basic necessitty at home.

If you need a ladder to change a light bulb, clean the ceiling fan, wash the aircond filter, hand up your shirt, reach up in to the ceiling. This is the right ladder for all your household needs. This house ladder is capable for your everyday needs in Malaysia.

There is no need to spend money on double sided ladder when a single sided ladder is good enough for your everyday ladder needs. This household domestic ladder is just the right ladder for you.

It is foldable and easy for storage. There is no need to worry too much about it. With such a low, value price point, you know it is a great bargain when you see one. A folding ladder is just great as it is easy to move around, and place it outdoor or indoor. The easy, and simple one step folding movement of the ladder makes it very easy to handle for any person being a children, women, or men. 

This ladder is as light weight or maybe lighter than 1 bottle of 5 liter cooking oil. It is easy to handle. To clean it, just wipe it with a wet cloth and it is ready for use again.

This ladder comes with 1-year limited warranty.

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