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Winner WCL 24-Rung Multipurpose Compact Ladder Tangga Lipat
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Winner WCL 24-Rung Multipurpose Compact Ladder Tangga Lipat

Compact storage size (50.5cm x 22cm x 183cm)
Sturdy and stable ladder
Extendable up to 3 times its storage size
Multiple configurations
A-Shape estimated reach height: 4.85m (15.9ft)
Pole ladder estimated reach height: 7.86m (25.8ft)

The Winner Compact Ladder is a versatile ladder of many functions designed for users who require more utility out of their ladders. This sturdy and stable ladder is ideal for domestic DIY tasks as well as heavy duty trade use.

Compact Storage Size

The Winner Compact Ladder is designed to be as compact as possible to enable easy storage and transporting. Nesting profiles and convertible hinges enable the ladder to be extended to around 3 times its storage height.

Can easily be transport in the back of the car, pick-ups or vans.

Multiple Configurations

A-Frame Ladder

By moving the ladder stiles apart, the hinge will click into place to enable the ladder to be used as a traditional A-Frame ladder.

Staircase Ladder

The bottom section is adjustable incrementally which aids in securely stabilizing the ladder on uneven surfaces like staircases.

Pole Ladder

The convertible hinge will enable the ladder stiles to be flipped straight to act as a sturdy pole ladder to access greater heights.