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【Remote Controller】8 Function Double Crank Electric Hospital Nursing Bed Tilam Katil + Ripple Air Mattress
Price RM4,500.00 RM5,500.00
Product SKU Hospital-E5F34
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Installation available within Klang Valley area

Hospital Bed + Ripple Bubble Air Mattress + Electric Air Pump
Mattress Dimension 200cm(L)x90cm (W)x 7cm (H)
Bubbles on A-B Lines Alternating Inflating Provides Superior Therapeutic Treatment
Prevents Formation of Bed Sores for Bed-Ridden Patient
To prevent the likelihood of decubitus and facilitate the healing of sores already incurred.

Variation: 【Refer To 2nd Picture】
1.【A】SET A : 1 x Hospital Bed
2.【B】SET B : 1 x Hospital Bed + 1 x Ripple Air Mattress (BLUE) + Electric Pump
3.【C】SET C : 1 x Hospital Bed + 1 x Ripple Air Mattress (BEIGE) + Electric Pump

Product Description:
FREE: 1 x Remote Controller
Multifunction Turn Hospital (Homecare) Electric Nursing Bed
This is not just a bed; it is the thoughts and feelings of the designer to express the concern for the elder.
Dimension: L2200 x W1040 x H430-750mm
Can be Multifunction Turn
Functions: Flexible Body Elevating Back & Legs to give patients more comfort.
Adjust bed to a comfortable position to meet amusement, dining, reading and cleaning.
Patients can sit up and do some daily life activities easily, lessening nursing burden for both patients and nurses.
Relax patients promote blood circulation, preventing varicose veins and easily for daily care.
Integral Lifting Up and Lower Down
Adjustable height of the bed to ease access and assist the carers in nursing the user
Adjustable height of the bed (Height: 430-750mm) by simply press button on remote controller
Backward and Forward Tilting
Convenient for nursing, checking and treating cerebrovascular disease & critical patients.
Silent wheel, easy to move around
4 Pcs MUTE Castor with brakes available, increase stability, move without noise
Detachable ABS head/foot board
Collapsible aluminium side rail
Capacity: 250KG
Manufacturer Direct Supply
This nursing bed is great for hospitals, nursing homes, and even household use.

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