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【Malaysia 3-Pin Plug】 12 Stitch Option FHSM-505 Sewing Machine + LED Light / Mesin Jahit 1
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Price RM16.90 - RM123.90 RM115.00 - RM222.00
Product SKU FHSM505-Sewing
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Product Description :

  • 【Malaysia 3 Pin Plug】
  • Upgraded 12 Sewing Option Functions Sewing Machine
  • User-friendly operation and efficient design.
  • Get the job done fast and proper.
  • Ability to do almost any stitching or repairing of your fabrics.
  • Selecting your desired stitching is also incredibly easy with just a quick twist of the dial to the corresponding numbers.
  • Comes with a reverse stich function which allows you to further reinforce the beginning and end seams.
  • Provides a work light located just above the sewing needle to help illuminate your sewing.
  • Its also great when you need that extra light while working with no so favourable light conditions.
  • Has the ability to go full portable running just on batteries so you can literally start sewing anywhere, anytime.
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it so much easier to bring it around and store as well.
  • Thread Cutter available
  • Drawer included
  • Double thread
  • Double speed
  • Fowards and reverse sewing
  • Automatic thread rewind
  • Power by AC or DC adapter


【 Sewing Machine SET 】Package Included :

  • 1 x Sewing Machine {Upgraded Version }
  • 3 x Thread spools
  • 3 x Metal bobbins
  • 1 x Needle
  • 1 x Needle Threader
  • 1 x Locker
  • 1 x Foot pedal
  • 1 x AC adaptor
  • 1 x User Manual (English)


  • 1.【A】Sewing + Gift :【 Sewing Machine SET 】+ Free Gift
  • 2.【B】Sewing + Board +Gift:【 Sewing Machine SET 】+ Extension Board + Free Gift
  • 3.【C】Board + Gift: Extension Board + Free Gift