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【Malaysia Plug】Hurricane Spin Scrubber Rechargeable Cordless Cleaning Brush
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You can use your electric appliances in Malaysia, if the standard voltage in your country is in between 220 - 240 V (as is in the UK, Europe, Australia and most of Asia and Africa). Manufacturers take these small deviations into account. If the standard voltage in your country is in the range of 100 V - 127 V (as is in the US, Canada and most South American countries), you need a voltage converter in Malaysia. You can find voltage converters at Amazon. You can also consider a combined power plug adapter/voltage converter.

If the frequency in Malaysia (50 Hz) differs from the one in your country, it is not advised to use your appliances. But if there is no voltage difference, you could (at your own risk) try to use the appliance for a short time. Be especially careful with moving, rotating and time related appliances like clocks, shavers and electric fan heaters.

This cordless and rechargeable powerhouse spins at 300 RPM, delivering incomparable high-torque scrubbing power. All you do is press a button no more hard hand scrubbing! No more kneeling or bending! No more sore, aching muscles! Two-part non-adjustable extension handle adds up to 39 inch to your reach so you can clean walls, floors, windows and more while standing comfortably on your own two feet! Cordless, rechargeable design means it cleans anywhere! Includes 3 brush heads round, flat and tapered to each every nook and cranny

Product Description:
AC Adapter (Malaysia plug)
Multifunctional and Durable
High Quality & Powerful 300 RPM Cleaning Action
Cordless & Rechargeable
Single Charge Lasts Up to 90 Minutes
Interchangeable Heads with 3 spin scrubber brush heads
Able to extend to 44"
Include 3 Scrubbing Head, flat Head for Tubs and Fixtures, Round Head for Tile and Grout, Pointed Head for Tracks and Corners
Making Cleaning Effortless, Cleaning is now a Breeze!
Can use within 60 minutes after the single charge
Remove mildew in a flash and without harsh chemicals
Spin at 300RPM
powered by a rechargeable battery
Extends from 25" to 44" long
Portable and easy to carry

What in the packaging:
1 x Main Handle
1 x Extension Handle
1 x Scrubber Head Assembly
1 x Dome Brush Head
1 x Flat Brush Head
1 x Corner Brush head
1 x Charging Adapter
1 x Retail Box
1 x English Version Instruction Manual