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Induction Non Stick Tamagoyaki Grill Pan Omelette Tamago Fried Egg Stone Pot Pancake Square Frying Pan Kuali Periuk
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Product Description:

  • Non-stick tamagoyaki pan is here to assist you on your daily cooking routine.
  • Give your culinary skills a boost with this cookware set and enjoy cooking like never before.
  • It is much easier to roll the egg layers without parts seem very dirty.
  • Stone pan features a total of 4 layers producing extra-thick wall that is about 2mm thick.
  • These layers help to ensure that the pan is easy to clean, anti-scratch, heats fast.
  • Bottom surface is made of maifanite layer that is high temperature resistant, rapid heating and uniform heat transfer
  • Distributes heat evenly, resulting in faster and more uniform cooking
  • Non-stick coating layer which makes cleaning extremely easy and also ensures that your food pours out smoothly to your serving plates.
  • Allows cook with minimum oil so you can enjoy your food to its maximum nutrients.
  • Can be used on gas stoves, induction cookers, electric cooker, radiant/ceramic cookers, halogen cooker and electric coil cooker.
  • Material: aluminium-manganese alloy, marble coating and stone technology
  • Anti-scalding wooden handle, heat-resistant handle, heat-insulating, anti-scaling, comfortable, with hook design for easy placement
  • Light weighted pan which allows you to carry around without soring your arm.
  • Designed for multipurpose usage that allow you to stir fried or deep fried any foods.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Non-stick tamagoyaki pan