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【4 IN 1】POWERLITE USB Rechargeable Waterproof Travel Light LED Lamp + Magnetic Torch + Power Bank + Car Escape Hammer
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Price RM40.30 RM60.00
Product SKU S-218 Lamp

Product Description:

  • 【4 IN 1】LED Lamp + Magnetic Torch + Power Bank + Car Escape Hammer
  • This product is made of aluminium alloy, it's waterproof and shockproof.
  • Used for night fault warning and accident escape, good looking and practical.
  • Adopts fine metal and plastic materials: good water resistance and long service life.
  • It can also be used for general lighting appliances, provides illumination at night.
  • Flashlight: located at the front of the handle, which can provide continuous lighting.
  • Emergency light: it is located in the handle part, LED orange light
  • Warning light: it is located in the handle part, LED red and blue light flicker
  • Mode Arrangement: Torch Light > Low Flashlight > Mid Flashlight > Strong Flashlight > Emergency Lighting > Warning Lighting > OFF
  • Life hammer / safety hammer: sharp and strong hammer, breaking glass in case of accident.
  • This life-saving hammer is a useful safety tool used in vehicles to break through the window glass in emergency circumstance!
  • 2pcs Magnetic bar, can be attached firmly to any iron objects including car roof, gives out emergency signals and ask for help.
  • Can attract the magnetic head of the product to the roof of the car, and it acts as an alarm.
  • USB Port: for iPad/Tablets, iPhone, android phone and other smart phones or other electronic devices.

Usage Method:

  • Press the flashlight switch and the top fluorescent bulb will be lighted to illuminate.
  • Press the emergency flashing switch and the LED will flicker.
  • If problems happen at night, the bottom of the product can be magnetically adsorbed on the top of the car to alarm.
  • In case of accident, you can use this product to break the glass to escape.