Ripple Strip Alternating Pressure Air Mattress Hospital Massage Sickbed + Pump
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Product Description:

  • 【Malaysia 3-Pin Plug】
  • Bubble air mattress & Electric air pump are widely used in family, hospital and institute
  • Relieves Burden of Care Giver
  • To prevent the likelihood of decubitus and facilitate the healing of sores already incurred.
  • Prevents Formation of Bed Sores for Bed-Ridden Patient
  • People with stroke and spinal cord injury
  • Surgery or rehabilitation person
  • Any person because of less activity, long time in bed for other reasons
  • Therapeutic Mattress Support, Important for Pressure Ulcers Therapy.
  • Bubbles on A-B Lines Alternating Inflating Provides Superior Therapeutic Treatment
  • Mattress Dimension 200cm(L)x90cm (W)x 7cm (H)
  • Withstand Weight around 135kg
  • Materials PVC 0.32mm
  • Medical grade PVC with fire-retardant treatment
  • Made of Durable Heavy duty Premium Vinyl
  • Low Toxic, Odourless, Tasteless
  • 24 Hour Quiet Operation Long-life pump with low power (6 W)
  • Quiet Pump Low Noise
  • Low Vibration
  • Low Temperature
  • Adjustable pump with Knob and Fixed Hook
  • Knob: To allows individual care giver comfort settings for Easy Adjustment of Pressure
  • Fixed Hook: Hook design for pump for Easy Fix on Bed Frame
  • Easy operating control knob adjust to comfort range
  • Its suitable for any kind of bed frame
  • Simplicity, Reliability and Easy to Use.
  • Quality Control ISO13485.

Product Included:

  • 1 x Alternating Pressure Air Mattress
  • 1 x Electric Pump