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Tri-Fold Foldable Waterproof PU Foam Double Crank 2 Turn Fowler Position Hospital Nursing Bed Mattress / Tilam Katil
Price RM119.90 RM550.00
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Product Description:

  • Tri-fold special designed for double crank hospital bed
  • Conveniently folds into 3 sections
  • Can rise up backrest and sit upright; leg able to be lift up and fold
  • Suitable for hospital, homecare, nursing care center, old folk home, rumah orang tua uzur.
  • Comes with durable medical-grade waterproof cover that is easy to clean
  • Water-repellent material prevents liquid stain
  • Urine resistant
  • Anti-bacterial treated
  • Able fold into 3 section saving space for storage purpose
  • Super good quality coconut palm and high-density sponge
  • Made of high-density foam provides optimal pressure redistribution to absorb impact
  • High resilient which provides maximum comfort
  • Promote healing and prevent skin breakdown
  • Size: approximately 60 mm (thickness), 900 mm (width) & 1900 mm (length)