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【ORIGINAL】 Smart Swab Soft Spiral Ear Cleaner Remover Ear Pick Wax Easy Earwax
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Product Description:

  • Smart Swab is the new and innovative ear swab.
  • Smart Swab set which includes 16 swabs and 1 handle for the low price.
  • To clean and ear wax removal tool that will keep your ears feeling clean and clear.
  • Removal tool cleans your ears safely and effectively with the innovative Smart Swab Kit.
  • Extracts more ear wax than cotton swabs without risking ear damage or pushing wax farther into canal
  • Smart Swab is designed to undo the damage with its easy-to-use construction.
  • Simply insert the soft, spiraled and grooved head and twist to capture wax without damaging your ear.
  • Each swab comes with an incredibly soft, disposable touch-free replacement tips, making cleanup a breeze.
  • Keep your ears clear of that ear wax gunk and try Smart Swab today.
  • Soft flexible ear swabs are gentle, safe, and incredibly effective at ear wax removal
  • Clean ear wax in seconds by placing swab into ear, twisting in the direction of arrow while removing
  • Simply place Smart Swab in your ear, twist and remove ear waxits that easy!
  • Smart Swabs soft spiral grooved tip is designed to extract wax with a simple twist.
  • Smart Swab is the best ear cleaning tool designed to keep your ears feeling clean
  • Easy, Safe Ear Wax Removal!