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Pet Dog Cat Kitten Tumbler Rolling Ball Slow Feed Treat Snack Food Dispenser Play Exercise Toy Teaser Wand Mainan Kucing
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Product Description:

  • Funny cat toys no electric drive, physical mechanical design, with gravity module at the bottom
  • Cat toys can 360° self-rotating without falling down.
  • Cat toys can move with the external force of the cat, or two yellow balls sit on a rotating track in the middle of the cat toy which perpetually spin to keep the toy constantly moving.
  • Encourages the cat to interact with the toy for long periods of time
  • Teaser wand and ball attached on the top, swing it and your kitten will be interested in it and have fun with it.
  • High tenacity fiber teaser wand can effectively eliminate dental plaque and tartar, clear off fetid breath and protect oral health
  • When the cat’s teeth are itchy and want to bite, the chewing ball can effectively meet the cat’s need so that the cat will not damage furniture, clothes and shoes
  • 2 adjustable feed distribution holes, you can adjust two or one or even close all of them.
  • Maximum diameter of the food distribution hole can be set to 2 cm, the added food must be smaller than this diameter
  • Please use dry pellets instead of wet food.
  • Your cute cat can snack while self-playing
  • Made of environmentally friendly and healthy food-grade ABS material
  • Toys can be used for multiple cats at the same time
  • When you're working or not at home, it will be a nice cat toy to let your cat to have fun with.
  • It can exercise your cat, letting them chasing, hunting, slapping, pouncing with it.
  • Let your cat grow up healthy and happy