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Purrfect Arch Kitty Cat Self-Groomer Brush Massager Bristles Rub Hair Remover Toy
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Product SKU Purrfect Arch


Product Description:

  • Self-Grooming and Massager All in One
  • Cat rub hair kit, allow cat tickle and play games
  • A new groomer that brushes cat's coats while they play.
  • Durable plastic bristles gently remove loose and shedding hair, while giving kitty a massage
  • Helps reduce shedding, hair balls and matting
  • Catnip infused carpet base means kitty keeps coming back for more!
  • Durable carpet base is perfect for scratching
  • Kitty approved
  • Let your pet to become more intelligent
  • For pet playingyour pets will not be lonely any more
  • Brush length 75CM, brush diameter 8CM